The world is full of poverty and slavery. The reason why poverty and slavery exists is that some own too much. The collection of people who own too much creates enormous amounts of suffering in the world today. If inflicting suffering is in itself immoral, owning too much is at best ethically problematic.

Ethically perfect lives.

Morality is relative. It is impossible to live a good life without doing any harm to others ever. Thus, the impossibility of living an ethically perfect life does not give anyone the right to rape or suppress others. It’s a question of doing the least damage possible, not a matter of not doing harm at all.

Private property and general consumption falls under the same mechanisms. It is practically impossible to live a good life without consuming or owning anything in today’s society. It is not a matter of not consuming or possessing anything, but rather of consuming and possessing as little as possible. Most of the things we consume in some degree do harm to others. Unless you’re starving, you can get by with less than what you have.


Unfortunately, people are caught up in wealth. People look up to the rich, those who have nice cars, those who have a lot of cars, those who own large estates and those who have a soaring consumption, but the truth is that precisely these are the ones who destroy the world for the rest of us. Those who have a high consumption are the ones who are breaking down the global ecosystem, and those who have a lot of property are the ones responsible for others having less. Simple logic: If some have a lot, less will be left for the others. Especially thus resources are not unlimited.

We need a shift in values. We need people to understand it’s morally reprehensible to constantly yearn for more. We need to rid ourselves of status symbols based on conduct that is detrimental to the quality of life of others in the present or future. We need people to open their eyes to what’s good for the world as a whole.

Another world.

In a world where owning (synonym to depriving others) large amounts of resources where considered morally unacceptable many of the world’s problems would be solved. Unfortunately previous attempts have often ended in repression, because they have tried to suppress those who do not understand the problem as well as those who do not care. What we need is to make most people understand and as many as possible care. When those who do not care about anyone but themselves are few enough, they will lose their power and their behavior will no longer be accepted.

To all of you who understand that keeping a lot of goods for themselves when others are in desperate need of the same goods, to you who understand burning of resources that others need to survive just to increase personal luxury is wrong: Summon as many people as possible. Fight for a better world. Things take time, but nothing is impossible. Let’s save the future by improving the present. Let’s all make an effort.


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