Dragon’s Lair

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Dragon's BreathThis story has been rewritten and republished, originally posted on fictionspawn.com August 5. 2017 as “Dragon’s Breath”. Some major changes have been made. 

Ali and Migue  had been walking through the forest clothed hills of the Chinese Xinjang province for days, up towards the mountains. The landscape was getting steeper, and the guide went back towards town He wasn’t paid to climb. From here they were on their own.

The path was steep, but it was not their first mountain trip. Soon they were high up in the mountains. They could feel the air getting thinner.

They found it, right where Adventurer Magazine had said, half covered by bushes and vegetation. One of the least investigated caves in the world. The trekkers that had found it hadn’t explored it much, they weren’t used to these kinds of things.

Ali and Migue were.

Finally they were here.

They walked down through…

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