Rise of the Machines. A vision of the Future.

In ancient Greece all free men were welcome to participate in political decisions. They were the only people considered citizens, and in that sense it was the most democratic system the world has ever seen. It only had one small catch: The rest of the work were done by slaves and women. That way “everybody”…


The world is full of poverty and slavery. The reason why poverty and slavery exists is that some own too much. The collection of people who own too much creates enormous amounts of suffering in the world today. If inflicting suffering is in itself immoral, owning too much is at best ethically problematic.

Mafia and drug legalization

Drug addiction is a problem for the abusers themselves and for the people close to them. We must try to fight this problem as best we can, but prohibition seems to only make things worse. Mafia power is a far greater problem than the abuse of drugs, especially in areas where drugs are produced. Legalization…


People are fleeing chaos in Europe’s neighborhood and Europe responds by blocking borders. Right- and left-wing nationalists argue to preserve either culture or our valuable states of welfare. A welfare which applies only to those with European nationality or urgent need of protection. Everyone else gets to fend for themselves, even if they are about…


In today’s world democracy is by most people considered the only legitimate form of government, but democracy is far more than universal suffrage. Protection of minorities, gender equality, freedom of religion, equality under the law and general human rights must necessarily be maintained for a society to be called democratic, but this is still not enough….